Delivering Data to Tracee


Delivering Data to Tracee

Clients can provide us with data using the following methods:

Internet / E-mail:

Send us information electronically – we are able to accept many standard formats and others by arrangement. Alternatively, you can place an instruction via our website.

We can provide you with a formatted spreadsheet for entering all your trace requests. The spreadsheet is configured to contain all necessary codes and formatted to make it easy for you to capture the data, with an automatic email function to send details on demand.

Fax / Post:

You may also choose to send your trace requests by fax or post.

Fax Number: (021) 4190171 0r 0865176594

Postal Address: P O Box 15477, Vlaeberg 8018


Customer Support

Operations Manager:       Trust Gonyora  
  Tessa Daniels  
 021 8238834
083 4405149


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